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In iRemonts we make sure that your iPhone screen is replaced fast and effectively. We are supporting most iPhone models and we can mostly repair your iPhone in less than 30 minutes. For many models, we offer two types of screen repairs, one PREMIUM that we recommend, and one BUDGET, which is a good alternative.

PREMIUM screen repair

For PREMIUM iPhone screen repair we use original screens which are the same as those manufactured for Apple. The PREMIUM iPhone screen repair gives 12 months of warranty and a top of the line iPhone screen. This will offer the most authentic experience of how your iPhone was when you bought it.

BUDGET screen repair

We also have an alternative where we use so-called copy screens which are compatible replacements designed and manufactured by third-party companies not related to Apple. We make sure though that our copy screens are of the highest quality (there are many types of these screens). We only buy these screens from the companies that produce screens made out of high-quality materials.


Our BUDGET iPhone screen repair gives 12 months of warranty as well, and a compatible copy screen. While the screen is a good alternative you might notice lower brightness, and in general colors might be slightly less vivid than what your iPhone displayed when you bought it.

What to choose?

We have these two options because unfortunately very often potential customers don’t even know (and most repair shops don’t tell them) that there are different types of screens and only choose by price. But if you ask us, we always recommend original quality screens cause in most cases the price difference is small but the quality is always much better. But ultimately it’s up to you to decide which option suits you better.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly staff is always happy to help!

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