What is iRemonts?

iRemonts is a Danish concept that was started in Riga with a focus on high-quality service, transparency, and good karma. That’s why we always strive for perfection when it comes to repairing our clients’ iPhones. We want our customers to have the highest quality repairs and best customer service experience they can get in Riga. 


We furthermore believe in transparency that’s why we are very open about what kind of spare parts we are using for our repairs. Recently we introduced two types of screen repairs: where one is an original quality screen and another one is a high quality copy screen. We inform our clients about the differences between the two so they can choose the most suitable for them.


If you want to know more about the types of screen repairs we offer, please contact iRemonts team!

Our business standards

Highly specialized in iPhone repairs

In iRemonts we only repair iPhones which means that we have gained extensive experience with these repairs during the years. Besides that, all of our technicians completed Apple provided training so we can proudly call ourselves Certified iOS Technicians. Having the perfect combination of theory and practice we are devoted to providing the highest quality repairs and we can answer almost any question in relation to your damaged iPhone.

High customer service

Besides providing the highest quality repairs, we always strive to provide the best customer service. We know how important it is, unfortunately, not a lot of businesses do. We see on our clients how simply a greeting with a smile and a thorough answer to all the questions they might have regarding their iPhone repair makes their day. Therefore, we are extremely happy to have a 5.0-star rating average from our customers on Google My Business and Facebook. Thank you all for your feedback!

Satisfaction guarantee & 1-year warranty

Our warranties are among the best in Latvia (industry standard is only 3 months) and we offer full return policies in case you are not satisfied with your repair. In these rare cases when something fails in the installed part we offer to fix it free of charge covered by your warranty. We provide a 1-year warranty for all repairs we have done.

Express repairs

We know how important your iPhone is to you. Honestly, we couldn’t spend a few hours without our phones ourselves! 🙂 That’s why we are providing not only the highest quality repairs and the best customer service but we also strive to make it very fast! We aim at 30 minutes repair-time for PREMIUM repairs, and 2 hours repair-time for all the other repairs, so you can continue your life asap.