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Apple iPhone repair service in Riga

Apple iPhones repairs

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  • Marvelynne Tromp
    Marvelynne Tromp

    By 1 hour I got my phone back in with its new screen. I highly recommend visiting them for any repair.

  • Conor McGonigle
    Conor McGonigle

    Really nice guy Vladimir- fast and pro service. Excellent

  • Radhwen Bader
    Radhwen Bader

    I had a big problem with my iphone6 and in just one hour they repair it for me. 

  • Juliette Clerc
    Juliette Clerc

    They are fully professional, welcoming and nice. I recommend it!

  • Einar Daniel
    Einar Daniel

    changed Camera for iphone6s plus! Good and quick service! Recommend :)

  • Velcheti Sivatej
    Velcheti Sivatej

    Best place to get your iPhone repaired....
    They are experienced and smart people
    Quick …

  • Deniss Zest
    Deniss Zest

    Job done within 20 minutes and they offer 1 year warranty on the repairs. 
    Definitely recommend.

  • Kristens Zvirgzdiņš
    Kristens Zvirgzdiņš

    Awesome service, kind personel, affordable prices and quick as hell!!!! AWESOME PLACE!

  • Ervins Brils
    Ervins Brils

    Fantastic service. The staff is really friendly and helpful Thanks guys for your help!

  • Pravan Mathew
    Pravan Mathew

    Excellent customer service as they only provide high quality screens.

  • Vahe Kocharyan
    Vahe Kocharyan

    Repairing process took 10 minutes. Thanks for the service. Recommend to everyone!!

  • Antonija Zrinski
    Antonija Zrinski

    iRemonts replaced the screen and the battery of my iPhone. Really quick and friendly service.

  • William Mann
    William Mann

    Wonderfully polite and helpful! Go here first!

  • Liliāna Laufmane
    Liliāna Laufmane

    Superīgs serviss, laipna apkalpošana, kā arī ātri un ērti :)

  • Sonora Broka
    Sonora Broka

    Ļoti patīkama atmosfēra, laipna apkalpošana, ātrs serviss. Rekomendēju.

  • Jan Kåre Rafoss
    Jan Kåre Rafoss

    Highly recommendable! Both phones was fixed after a about 1 hour and that was earlier than expected.

  • Dace Kurša
    Dace Kurša

    Super. Personāls ļoti atsaucīgs. Un mobīlais sataisīts kvalitatīvi. Paldies. :)

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