iPhone SE repair

What kind of repair do you need?

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Screen repair

- Broken glass
- Vertical lines on the screen or no image
- Entire touch screen or part of it is unresponsive

Battery repair

- Battery is draining very fast
- iPhone shuts down unexpectedly
-It shows 'Service' in the Battery Health Tab

Side button repair

- Mute button doesn't work
- Volume button doesn't work
- Sleep/wake button doesn't work

Charging port repair

- Your iPhone is not charging
-Charging only at certain cable positions
- Charging very slowly

Home button repair

- Return button doesn't work
- Touch ID doesn't work

Front camera repair

- Camera is not working properly
- Camera is not focussing
- Black screen on camera app

Speaker repair

- You can't hear another person on call
- Bad sound quality
- Very low volume

Microphone repair

- Others can't hear you during call
- Others can't hear you during video call
- Siri doesn't work


- Help with apps
- Help with Apple services
- Answers to iPhone related questions

Free diagnostics

- Your iPhone doesn't turn on
- You are not sure what's wrong
- You want to know the repair price

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